Oneshota The Animation Episode 1 English Subbed


Oneshota The Animation
2 декабрь 2020
Oneshota The Animation PinkPineapple Studio together with Studio 1st Studio announced an anime adaptation of the visual novel “おね → ─ョタタ/one → Shota ← one” from the well-known Studio azarashi Soft + 1 (aikagi, Aibeya, Amakano) . The release is scheduled for the end of November 2020. Would you like to live with two super sexy girls from another world? Our main character was incredibly lucky, and he became the chosen one who managed to seduce two girls adventurers from another world!

Aria is an elf Archer with huge Tits who behaves like an older sister. She is still a virgin and this is strange because the girl is just a stunning beauty. Aria fell in love with the main character at first sight and immediately decided to give him her first time.

Lulu is a beastman warrior who looks more like an ordinary nekomimi girl with a huge bushy tail. Nature also did not deprive it of 92/59/89 (G Cup). At first glance, she is strict and determined, but at heart she is a truly loving and caring sister. The pheromones that our main character exuded, incredibly strongly aroused her affection and obedience. The girl became like an obsessive next to our hero and her only goal was unrestrained sex…

Year:2020 Year.
Time:1ep. 25min.
Source:Vn Game
Genre:Small pipi, Big tits, Oral sex, Romance
Director:Oota Hideta
Studio:PinkPineapple, Studio 1st

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Date: June 9, 2021

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